Nanaimo Pickleball Tournament Results

Another awesome tourney hosted by Nanaimo Pickleball Club at Oliver Woods facility last weekend, June 25-26, 2016. It is always first class, runs so smoothly; such an awesome facility with 8 indoor courts. I heard that 90% of the competitors are from outside Nanaimo. A big congratulations to our CVPA Winners!

CVPA Winners

Women’s Doubles 3.5 – GOLD – Deborah Houston (Anna Edgar)
Women’s Doubles 3.5 – SILVER – Elizabeth Folk (Margie McWilliam)

Men’s Doubles 3.5 – BRONZE
(Harold Osborne and Rick Folk could have played for Bronze, but there was a miscommunication and they left as they thought they were finished the competition, so the other team won by default).

Mixed Doubles 3.5 – GOLD – Lizzy and Thomas Rauber
Mixed Doubles 3.5 – BRONZE – Deborah Houston and Kurt Nielsen

Men’s Singles 3.5 – SILVER – Thomas Rauber

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Anna Edgar & Deb Houston

Anna Edgar & Deb Houston – Women’s Doubles 3.5 GOLD

Thomas & Lizzy Rauber

Thomas & Lizzy Rauber – Mixed Doubles 3.5 GOLD

Kurt Nielsen & Deb Houston

Kurt Nielsen & Deb Houston – Mixed Doubles 3.5 BRONZE


Ladies Doubles 3.5: Sandy Milliken, Jane Rich-Bronze, Anna Edgar, Deborah Houston – Gold, Margie McWilliam, Elizabeth Folk – Silver


Singles 3.5 Darrell Pearse – Bronze, Mike Priestly – Gold, Thomas Rauber – Silver