CVPA 3rd Annual Indoor Tournament

Click here for printable PDF poster
Click here to register. Registration opens Friday Feb 2, 2018 at 6:00 pm.


19 Wing Fitness and Community Centre, 1575 Military Row, Comox, BC


$30 per person per event

Events: Doubles Only

Men’s 3.5, Men’s 4.0+, Women’s 3.5, Women’s 4.0+, Mixed 3.5, Mixed 4.0+
Jugs Indoor balls will be used.


Two six team pools in each event. Round robin play with games first to 11 points determines rank of teams within each pool. The top ranked teams in each pool play each other for Gold and Silver. The second ranked teams in each pool play each other for Bronze. Assuming full registration, each team in guaranteed 5 round robin games. Mixed playoffs will offer one additional playoff round.


Saturday May 5:
Play commences at 9 am for all Saturday events – Men’s 3.5, Men’s 4+, Women’s 3.5, and Women’s 4+.
Sunday May 6: Play commences at 9:00 am for all Sunday events – Mixed 3.5, and Mixed 4+
Check-in and warmup begins at 8:30 AM each day
Snacks and lunch will be provided each day

Cancellation Policy:

If one player on a team needs to withdraw, the team can substitute another player.
If a team withdraws prior to April 5, 2018 each player gets a $20 refund from their $30 registration fee.
Cancellations after April 5, 2018 will not be refunded unless a standby team replaces the withdrawn team (in which case $20 refund per player).



Registration will commence on Friday Feb 2 at 6:00 pm.
Click this link to register:
Registration requires the name of your partner in each event. If you need a partner feel free to post on our facebook page at
You will be emailed to confirm your registration and to inform you if you have been matched with a partner.

Google Map to Tournament