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Welcome to Comox Valley Pickleball

If you’ve never played before or are an advanced player we welcome you to come out and play with us. We have multiple places and times to play in the Comox Valley. We encourage you to check out our website and find a time and place that suits your schedule and your skill level.
If you have any questions feel free to email someone on our Contacts page and get the information you’re looking for. Let’s play!

Nanaimo Pickleball Tournament Results

Another awesome tourney hosted by Nanaimo Pickleball Club at Oliver Woods facility last weekend, June 25-26, 2016. It is always first class, runs so smoothly; such an awesome facility with 8 indoor courts. I heard that 90% of the competitors are from outside Nanaimo. A big congratulations to our CVPA Winners!

CVPA Winners

Women’s Doubles 3.5 – GOLD – Deborah Houston (Anna Edgar)
Women’s Doubles 3.5 – SILVER – Elizabeth Folk (Margie McWilliam)

Men’s Doubles 3.5 – BRONZE
(Harold Osborne and Rick Folk could have played for Bronze, but there was a miscommunication and they left as they thought they were finished the competition, so the other team won by default).

Mixed Doubles 3.5 – GOLD – Lizzy and Thomas Rauber
Mixed Doubles 3.5 – BRONZE – Deborah Houston and Kurt Nielsen

Men’s Singles 3.5 – SILVER – Thomas Rauber

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Anna Edgar & Deb Houston

Anna Edgar & Deb Houston – Women’s Doubles 3.5 GOLD

Thomas & Lizzy Rauber

Thomas & Lizzy Rauber – Mixed Doubles 3.5 GOLD

Kurt Nielsen & Deb Houston

Kurt Nielsen & Deb Houston – Mixed Doubles 3.5 BRONZE


Ladies Doubles 3.5: Sandy Milliken, Jane Rich-Bronze, Anna Edgar, Deborah Houston – Gold, Margie McWilliam, Elizabeth Folk – Silver


Singles 3.5 Darrell Pearse – Bronze, Mike Priestly – Gold, Thomas Rauber – Silver

CVPA June 11, 2016 Tournament Results

Here are the results from our CVPA 4.0 Tournament held June 11, 2016

Women’s Doubles:
1st place Beverly DeHaitre & Kerry Savary
2nd place Colleen Crowder & Deborah Houston

Men’s Doubles:
1st place Mike Chatwin & Joe McNeil
2nd place Bob Fish & Bob Harrison

Mixed Doubles:
1st place Gwen Chew & Terry Glowczysnski
2nd place Colleen Crowder & Rod Hamilton

CVPA at the Oceanside Tourney

Here are the results and photos from the Parksville May 2016 Oceanside Arena Tournament:
Photos and Results

A bit of the action last week when we went to play in the Oceanside Tournament